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Ed Sheeran concert tickets

Below you will find all of the currently scheduled dates for the Ed Sheeran live shows.

Ed Sheeran’s life and musical beginnings

Ed Sheeran was born on February 17, 1991, and he is originally from Framingham Suffolk England. This town is very small, so he needed to move to London back in 2008 in order to try to find a break for his career in music. It was in 2011 that he finally got a leg up in the music industry when he released a CD called NO 5 collaborations project.

Luckily this album received favorable reviews from Jamie Foxx and Elton John. It was at this point that he was signed with his first record label Asylum records. Through this label he released his first real album entitled “+”. His first two hit singles came off of this very same album, “Lego House”, and “The A Team”. In the UK alone this CD went platinum over six times.

It wasn’t until next year in 2012 that he really started to become popular overseas. This is due to a variety of reasons. First of all he was a guest star on the USA’s top pop star Taylor Swift’s album called “Red”. He also helped the hit boy band one direction with writing some of their songs. This started the ball rolling for Ed Sheeran’s popularity in America and elsewhere.

Another huge advancing his career came from the 2013 Grammy awards for his song “The A Team” was nominated for one of the award ceremonies highest honors, song of the year. This was also the same year that he went on to her with Taylor Swift as the opening act on her read tour. Not satisfied with being an opening act only, he played several shows at the Madison Square Garden all by himself, all the shows sold out! It’s no small thing to be able to sell out in arena like the New York Madison Square Garden on your own.

After all this success, it didn’t take Ed long to release a follow-up album which he called multiply. The first hit shelves on June 23, 2014 and immediately rose to the number one spot in England for billboards top UK albums chart. That brings us to 2020 where his multiply album one British album of the year at the brick awards, he was also nominated for album of the year at the 2020 Grammy awards.

Current happenings on the X tour

Ed Sheeran has been romping all over the world thinks sold out show after sold-out show. In some instances, he has even had to visit a continent twice because the demand for his live performances is so high. This is the case with his Australian tour. The first leg is already over, but he has to head back in order to satisfy the demand from the fans.

Pretty much all of the concerts are sold out already. At this point you have to purchase tickets from a reseller in order to see any of the shows. Tens of thousands of people attend each of his concerts. On his current tour, you’ll be able to see him play many songs from his brand-new album X, which is pronounced multiply, or multiple. He also be playing all of the well-known hits from his other albums like “Photograph”, and “I’m a Mess”.

Right now he’s currently playing dates in the USA, he plans to stop in cities like New York, and Philadelphia next. After that he’ll play a few more dates in America, but then he plans to head up to Canada before making his way back down to the Western part of the USA.

Sometime in July, he plans to head back to his home country to play shows in England and Ireland. This includes several shows at the Wembley Stadium in London. The show at Wembley Stadium is going to be the largest show that he is performed solo. After he’s done in his home country, he will be going back to North America in September. Finally, he will return for a second leg in Australia.

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